Welcome to the world of the living

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the world of the living”

  1. Hi Wendy. I’m sorry that you are in pain. This may seem easy for me to say and difficult to accept but what ever we have done to our bodies, we still remain in essence unchanged. By this I mean that we are more than the physical, more than our body. The story of our lives, the joy and pain, the mistakes and triumphs are all a teaching. That part of us, call it Soul, there is where the real you resides, unchanged.
    For years I lived in a vague space between.
    Not a woman, male but not a man. To find truthful identity, where could I go but toward Soul and to nurture a spiritual relationship with life. This has helped a lot.
    I understand what you say about feeling like you failed in some huge way but you haven’t failed at all. Until we actually do it, we cannot really know whether transition will be right for us. Think of it as a stepping stone on your pathway back to the real you. And what insight you must have gained along the way. Have no regrets, life is a journey of learning and growth.

    If you need to write, feel free to use the contact page.

    Best Wishes



  2. I have been watching your videos. I am almost 67 years old and have similar life experiences. You are addressing issues that up til now I have considered unspeakeable fearing addressing them would make me disintegrate. You are finding the peace that I so desperately need to find. I have considered suing my psychiatrist for malpractice but he only made the surgical recommendations based on what I told him. I cannot verbally call myself a male. I fear saying that would make me want to die really bad as if I failed in some huge way. I define myself as intersexed today.


  3. Maya, your writing is beautiful. I have learned so much from you in even this small space–thank you for your bravery and your compassion for yourself. It is a wonder to behold.


  4. Heron, thank you so much for your thoughtful words. At times, writing and sharing here, I have felt so exposed but just to know I have reached one person makes it all worth while. I think we all crave to live truthfully, and for that truth to be seen and acknowledged by another. Thank you.

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  5. Hello Maya
    I stumbled on to your page by accident. This is the only post I have read so far but do intend to read more and also watch your You Tube videos. I admire the way you have expressed your feelings and reflections on your childhood. The internet, this powerful medium, seems so full of utter nonsense that one can be overwhelmed by it. Yet every so often, usually by accident, a voice is heard that cuts through the cacophony and compels one to listen. You are making no demands, there is no insistence. You are giving an account of your life, how you evolved and how you feel about it.
    So really, I just wanted to let you know that there are people, like me, who are interested to hear what you have to say, thank you for saying it and also to wish you well.

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