Never a voyeur

Enough deconstruction, enough looking backward upon that ocean of feeling that is the past. Within that ocean, islands of traumatic memory became the land upon which identity had been built. Those islands of pain were the focus of years of feelings. There, tangled and distorted flotsam lay washed up with the unavoidable jetsam, discarded and … Continue reading Never a voyeur

Swimming home

Slipping into cool dark waters, finger tips, mapping the grain gently rest upon the edge of a wooden jetty. Tipping my head back, water fills my ears and caresses my eyelids. Below, reaching into the fathomless depths, kicking, I feel nothing but the swirl of current between my toes. Above, silently hang still rivers of … Continue reading Swimming home


Our journey through life seems to involve many transitions. From childhood to adulthood, from fragmentation to wholeness, from disharmony to harmony, from illusion to reality, and ultimately, from suffering to freedom. Now in my middle years, looking back on life, I see that in seeking avoidance of suffering I travelled the path of surrender. Not … Continue reading Transitions

The island inside

This place has done its work on me.  Isolation cleansed my being and brought me into the vital now.  These rust brown hills and crags of bright pink and silver grey, their slow voices can now be heard. In the core of me I felt her whispering, drawing me to her shore.  That fathomless presence, … Continue reading The island inside

Choosing freedom

I had ideas of the life that I was prepared to accept, a standard of comfort, an acceptable pace of progress toward goals, requirements for a happy life. In a place that felt like the edge of the world,  isolation peeled away the layers of who I thought I was.   A rocky windswept wilderness where there … Continue reading Choosing freedom